Quit Smoking Program in Las Vegas

Free Your Mind Braintraining Center of Las Vegas has now Introduced A Quit Smoking Program using pulsed electromagnetic frequencies to stop your smoking addiction.

In just two sessions, our Smoking Cessation program  has proven 95% effective for people looking to quit smoking. We work with the addiction of smoking by sending a pulsed electromagnetic frequency into your body which blocks the sending and receiving signals for the nicotine addiction. Call our office today to make an appointment for you to stop smoking today.

See what Suzanne Somers has to say about pulsed electromagnetic frequencies:

In her wonderful new book, BREAKTHROUGH, Eight Steps To Wellness
Suzanne Somers — actress, author and zealous crusader for anti-aging medicine and alternative methods — writes about what makes us age, what makes us sick, and how breakthrough technology has delivered “truly miraculous” results.

Here’s an excerpt:

“There is always enthusiasm and energy around breakthroughs and new advances in natural healing. I came across yet another marvelous invention. This is a very sophisticated new piece of equipment. This machine has been used successfully since 1993. It is a “spectrum of low-level pulsing magnetic fields that induce the flow of micro-currents within the tissues of the patient.” Okay, in English this means it is able to locate underlying dysfunction and provide a treatment for the patient. The results have been truly miraculous.”